Bead me up scottie

What a glorious thing it is to have free time!  Yesterday was technically my last day at school, but because I made it so.  Teachers in our county have workdays through next Monday, but since I’m not going back next year those days of professional development seemed unnecessary, so I took my remaining personal time to end the year a bit early.  My kids’ sitter has been kind enough to keep them for these last few days anyway so I can have a little time to myself.  I dropped the kids off around 8 and came back to the house, had my coffee and a bowl of cereal before I got to work on the laundry.  I watched an episode of my girly binge show while I folded and put away a load.  I was meaning to put the next load in the dryer, but it didn’t seem right to run the dryer heating up the whole house for an hour or more when there was so much good sunshine outside.  I called up my daddy and had him help me put up a clothesline and hung up the clean towels and sheets.  This was all before lunch!  I made up some quick mac-n-cheese with peas, picked the garden, then got to work on the massive pile of stuff I brought home from school – sorting and putting away.  A storm rolled in on me so I pulled the laundry in and went to get my babies and got started on dinner.  An easy throw-together meal of ground venison sauteed with onions and garlic, cream of mushroom soup, cheddar cheese soup, milk and pasta, topped with a little shredded cheese at the end.  Not exactly the most healthy but it only cost about $3 to make enough for all four of us plus leftovers so I’ll forgive myself this time!

After all of this I still had about an hour and a half before it was time to start the bedtime routine so I decided to make something of that time.  Continue reading Bead me up scottie

Counting the Sunshines

If you’ve read my introductory posts, you know I have just recently made the decision to stay home and homeschool my children. This is a whole new world! I am now solely responsible for everything my four year old and two year old do and don’t know how to do! Talk about scary!

I know it’s summer and everyone is supposed to be taking a break (including this tired teacher) but my mind is whirling with plans for how to go about educating my babies without making them hate me or completely screwing them up.

We just happened to be at my parents’ house Saturday afternoon and I thought, “Let’s get started!” My inner teacher wanted a teaching craft-activity to go with the season, started mentally scanning Pinterest, and tabulating available supplies. Luckily I reigned myself in before it got too crazy and I decided on something easy. Continue reading Counting the Sunshines