Bust the indoor boredom blues

It’s been a while, huh?  But I’m still here and still working with the kiddos on playing, growing, and learning!  We’ve had some family in town so it’s been a bit hectic and our schedule is all screwy.  But what’s new?!  In the past few days we have been to toddler story time at the museum to learn about the sun and shadows, gone to the aquarium on the ferry with a big group of friends, played at the splash pad at our local park, gone fishing with daddy, and had lots of snuggle time with my sister’s new baby.  Whew!  It has been a crazy week, but so much fun!  And the best part… Continue reading Bust the indoor boredom blues

Counting the Sunshines

If you’ve read my introductory posts, you know I have just recently made the decision to stay home and homeschool my children. This is a whole new world! I am now solely responsible for everything my four year old and two year old do and don’t know how to do! Talk about scary!

I know it’s summer and everyone is supposed to be taking a break (including this tired teacher) but my mind is whirling with plans for how to go about educating my babies without making them hate me or completely screwing them up.

We just happened to be at my parents’ house Saturday afternoon and I thought, “Let’s get started!” My inner teacher wanted a teaching craft-activity to go with the season, started mentally scanning Pinterest, and tabulating available supplies. Luckily I reigned myself in before it got too crazy and I decided on something easy. Continue reading Counting the Sunshines