Hi there!

I’m Jessica: home-schooling mother of two, wife, daughter, friend, and disciple of Christ.  It’s a lot, but I wouldn’t give up any of these hats as they are each an integral part of who I am.  Home-schooling is new to me, as I have just recently been blessed with the opportunity to stay home with my two darlings.

I spent eight years teaching integrated Math 1 and Math 2 at the high school level, where I found a niche working with struggling learners and forming deeper than average relationships with my students.  I’m hoping to take those experiences and apply the insights I gained to homeschooling my own children.

Speaking of the little darlings, my work with them will be the primary focus of this blog, so I’d love to share a little about them with you.  My first-born, lovingly known as Punky, is perfectly 4: fiercely independent, incessantly inquisitive, whole-heartedly loving, and just a little bit sassy.  The younger of the two, Bay, is terrifically 2: busy like a bee, chatty like Cathy, playful like a monkey, and stubborn like a mule.  Punky is ready to start some more formal learning of pre-school basics, but with Bay I am still focused on language and motor-skills development.  With both, I strongly believe in the power of learning through play, and spend a lot of our time together with loosely structured exploratory activities to pique their interest and spark their imaginations.

My sweet hubby has been hesitant to make the change from a two income household to being a sole provider, but we both agree that having one of us stay home to raise and teach our children and care for the household is worth the trouble, and that with God’s grace and provision, it will work out.  We have been married for 8 *mostly* amazing years.  When we met, we didn’t really have that much in common, but God sure knew what He was doing putting the two of us together because we have learned so much about and from each other of the years and have really become a team.  We still don’t agree on everything, but we both have strong beliefs in hard work, faith, and family.  Everything else is just details!

I am so looking forward to sharing my experiences with you through this blog!  I hope that you will find ideas that you can apply in your own home and family.  I would also love to hear from you – you can contact me through the contact form or leave me a comment.

Much love,

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